There is currently no cure or treatment for dry AMD but there are steps you can take to reduce your risk of developing wet AMD. These include healthy lifestyle choices, like not smoking, and taking AREDS2 vitamins daily if recommended by your doctor. It’s also important to monitor your eyes with at-home testing between office visits.  There is advanced home monitoring technology available that is sensitive to changes in AMD. The ForeseeHome® AMD Monitoring Program is an easy-to-use early warning system for your eyes that can catch the progression from dry to wet AMD as soon as it happens, which lets your doctor step in sooner and determine the appropriate course of action. People preserved more of their vision when wet AMD was detected using ForeseeHome between office visits, in addition to your doctor’s standard of care. ForeseeHome is FDA-cleared and covered by Medicare.

  • ForeseeHome is a short, easy-to-use test the patient is encouraged to do daily.
  • During the test, a series of dotted lines flash on the screen and disappear.
  • Using a computer mouse, the patient clicks where they saw a distortion, which looks like a bump or wave, on the dotted line.
  • The test takes a couple minutes per prescribed eye,
 per day.
  • Once the test is complete, data is automatically sent to the Notal Vision Monitoring Center for evaluation and monthly reports are emailed to practice, and available 24/7 on an Eye Care Professional (ECP) Portal.